Cycloramic iPhone App Takes 360-Degree Photos With Vibration Feature

Craighton Miller December 28, 2012 0


Apple’s panorama mode is pretty neat, but you can’t get a total 360-degree photo. One company has aimed to make that possible with the iPhone 5. Cycloramic uses the vibration feature in the iPhone 5 to make the phone spin around in a circle on a smooth surface. This new app from Egos Ventures is possibly one of the coolest apps in the iTunes app store that is photography related.

We all know that iOS 6 has the camera feature to take a panorama photo, but sometimes it can come out uneven and spotty. This app makes getting a panorama shot easier and won’t be as jumpy as someone’s shaky hand. Although the best results only come if you have an iPhone 5 and are on a very smooth surface.

There are only a couple issues that could come up with this application. Because it uses the vibration feature to spin the phone, it could end up scratching the bottom of your phone. With that, the vibration could tip over the phone and crack the glass.

The app has received an award from the New York Times and is defiantly worth a download if you have an iPhone 5.